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Upcoming K-Dramas (June ‘14)

Ah, summer is in the air and so are the new upcoming k-dramas. While I am not sure yet which might be the best drama this summer, I am looking forward to get a sneak peak into what is coming up and I am certainly curious of which one will be your pick to watch next. As of today 2 new dramas will start airing and over the course of the week 4 other new ones will start as well while some of the dramas listed have also started. Have you heard of any of these new dramas? 

If you have heard of any of these new titles,
Are you currently watching any of these?

Trot Lovers (2014)
A woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, 
meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer.

Make a Wish (2014)
A drama about Han So-won who struggles to prove the
innocence of her husband who is framed for embezzlement.

Click on the posters or names on the list to add any of these
dramas to your mdl list 
or you can just check out the trailers!

These 2 dramas that start airing today seem very interesting,
oddly enough I tend to get drawn in by the posters. If they at
the very least make me curious I look further in for a synopsis,
then I decide if it sounds interesting enough to watch. I now
wonder how you guys choose what to watch! ^-^

Which one will you pick to watch next?
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Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)

Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)

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